'My Turn' Gorilla T-Shirt

'My Turn' Gorilla T-Shirt


After several years working as a well-respected professional photographer, Madeleine Farley heeded the call to influence not only the captured image, but the subject matter itself. And it was on the heels of many successful shows that Rankin published her well-received book of photographs entitled, You lookin' at me? Maddy would go on to direct the critically acclaimed documentary Trollywood, which led to an opportunity to film the series Gorilla School for Discovery Channel, an experience Farley describes as “life-changing.” Inspired by her adventures, Maddy recently began work on a new exhibition, Endangered, drawing attention to the plight of gorillas in the wild. My Turn has been created exclusively for Tusk.

$30 / £20
To order with a credit/debit card please call the Tusk Office:
+44 1747 831 005 (UK) or +1 212 602 1588 (US) 
or email the Tusk team at info@tusk.org


“Today, perhaps more than ever before, Africa’s natural heritage – this incredible, sustainable resource for our and future generations – is gravely threatened.

This is why Tusk’s PACE programme is so vital, educating local people to create a sustainable life balance with the wonders of Africa’s nature.  Already, it has made a real difference.  Going into the future, it represents one of the most powerful tools to strengthen communities, combat poaching and save what is irreplaceable.”

HRH The Duke of Cambridge
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